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   Strasbourg, France-On September 23, local time, the 2020 Strasbourg International will continue the women's single round of competition. No. 4 seed Sabalenka overcame the unfavorable situation of losing a set first and reversed the Russian player Brinkova 1-6 6-4 6-2, and advanced to the quarterfinals with surprises.

法国斯特拉斯堡-当地时间9月23日,2020年斯特拉斯堡国际赛将继续进行女子单轮比赛。四号种子萨巴伦卡克服了先输一盘的不利局面,扭转了俄罗斯选手布林科娃1-6 6-4 6-2的局面,并出人意料地晋级了八强。

"After losing the first set, I regained my form and I am proud of myself," Sabalenka said after the game. "I have been fighting all the time. I found the rhythm through my own efforts. I am quite familiar with this game. satisfaction."

萨巴伦卡在赛后表示:“输掉第一盘比赛后,我恢复了状态,并为自己感到骄傲。” “我一直在战斗。我通过自己的努力找到了节奏。我对这场比赛非常熟悉。满意。”

   "She performed very well today and put a lot of pressure on me. I am very happy that I can pass the test."


   With this victory, the Belarusian reached the first quarter-finals after the restart of the tour. Sabalenka came to this round three times in the first two months of the season. In addition to winning the cup in Doha, he also created good results in Adelaide and Dubai. But after returning to the game after a five-month truce, Sabalenka has never been able to return to the track of victory. From Lexington to Cincinnati to the U.S. Open, she only won three games together, but after moving to Strasbourg, she finally won two consecutive back-to-back wins.


"Before, if I played like the first set and I had a hasty shot, I became more and more nervous," she said. "Today in this game, I found that I only need to slow down a little bit and hold the stalemate as much as possible. The ball. I am proud of my performance after losing the first set."

她说:“在以前,如果我像第一盘一样打球,而且仓促投篮,我会变得越来越紧张。” “今天在这场比赛中,我发现我只需要放慢速度,并尽可能保持僵持状态即可。球。在输掉第一盘比赛后,我为自己的表现感到骄傲。”

Her opponent Brinkova performed well in Rome last week. After breaking through the qualifying round, she defeated Lexington runner-up Teichmann and Spain's Bolsova, and finally lost to the defending champion Ka Puli. Skova missed the quarterfinals-this is only the second time in her career for the 22-year-old Russian girl who has won two consecutive matches at the top level.

她的对手布林科娃上周在罗马表现出色。在突破排位赛后,她击败了列克星敦亚军Teichmann和西班牙的Bolsova,最终输给了卫冕冠军Ka Puli。斯科娃(Skova)错过了四分之一决赛-这只是她职业生涯中的第二次,她是22岁的俄罗斯姑娘,她连续两届都在顶级比赛中获胜。

   Brinkova started the game like a broken bamboo, always having the upper hand in the stalemate. She lightly defuses the Belarusian offensive, forcing Sabalenka to play a more risky return, and the latter's unforced errors also increase. Brinkova came up to complete a double break and established a 4-0 lead. Although Sabalenka broke the embarrassment of zero on the score board in the next game, she still did nothing in the opponent's serve game. Brinkova successfully kept the serve and won the game and took the lead 6-1.


   The No. 4 seed quickly left behind the unhappiness of losing the first set, and made the first break today in the second set. Although Brinkova quickly broke back, but the momentum still gradually biased towards Sabalenka. The state of the Belarusian has greatly improved, and more winning points have begun to be recorded on both sides of the forehand and backhand.


   Later, Sabalenka broke serve again after three evenly-divided fights, which also became a key turning point in the game. After winning the second set 6-4, she pursued the victory and broke through the opponent's defense early in the final set to bring the score to 3-1.


   After seizing the initiative, Sabalunka's self-confidence has been significantly improved. With her iconic offensive style of play, she broke the opponent's serve once again, and in a blink of an eye she was already in a 5-2 lead. At the end of the game, the Belarusian girl successfully won the serve and took nearly two hours to complete the reversal.


   In the whole game, Sabalenka scored 27 winning points, which is better than Brinkova's 18 firepower. Most of her 32 unforced errors came from the first set, and Brinkova also made 27 active errors.


The Belarusian will compete for tickets to the semifinals with Sinjakova. The latter overwhelmed No. 7 seed Alexandrova 6-2 6-4 earlier and scored the first of the season. Quarterfinals.

白俄罗斯人将与Sinjakova争夺半决赛的门票。后者早些时候以6-2 6-4压倒了7号种子亚历山德罗娃,并获得了本赛季的第一名。四分之一决赛。

"She moves quickly and hits the ball relatively flat," Sabalenka said. "I think she is very stable today. She will often go online and serve very well. This will be another fierce battle, but I am done. ready."

萨巴伦卡说:“她动作迅速,将球击得比较平。” “我认为她今天很稳定。她经常会上网而且服务很好。这将是另一场激烈的战斗,但我已经做好了。准备好了。”

   "I feel good on clay," Signakova said after winning the second round. "It is not easy to win. It is a wonderful game and I am very happy for it."

“我在红土上感觉很好,” Signakova在赢得第二轮比赛后说道。 “赢球并不容易。这是一场精彩的比赛,对此我感到非常高兴。”

   The last time the two sides faced each other was at the Shenzhen station at the beginning of the year. At that time, Alexandrova won and won the first WTA singles championship. However, this time they met again on the clay court at Strasbourg. The Czechs took 80 minutes to achieve revenge and also rewritten the two's match record to a 3-3 tie.


   Sinjakova's second serve scored two-thirds of the scoring rate today, and only one break in the audience. Although the Russian girl, currently ranked 31st in the world, is slightly better in terms of winning points-she has 10 winning points recorded, and the Czech has 9-but the No. 7 seed was finally stumbled by 31 unforced errors. .

辛贾科娃(Sinjakova)的第二次发球今天获得了三分之二的得分率,而且观众只休息了一次。尽管目前在世界排名第31位的俄罗斯姑娘在获胜点上略胜一筹-她记录了10个获胜点,而捷克人则获得了9点-但最终7号种子最终被31个非强制性失误所绊倒。 。

   "Her hitting power is very powerful, and the rhythm is very fast," Signakova said, "I have to focus on playing every point, I think I did a good job today."


   "I am currently full of confidence on the clay, and I hope I can extend this feel to the French Open next week," the Czech added.


   At the beginning of the game, Signakova quickly entered the state and succeeded in breaking serve early with a straight line crossing. She quickly secured her advantage and quickly established a 3-0 lead.


   Sinjakova also faced a break point test in the next game, but Alexandrova failed to honor it. She then returned the ball to the net one after another, and Signakova took the score to 4-1.


  The Czech broke serve for the second time today and entered the serve win 5-1. With nowhere to go, Aleksandlova was shooting the winning streak with a love game to break serve. However, she sent three double faults in her must-have serve, including counting, and then handed over the first set.


In the second set, the situation became more intense. Signakova continued to gain the upper hand with a very deep return, but Alexandrova also saved a break point in the first two serving games and refused to easily hand in. gun.


   Fighting to 4-4, Siniakova faced a new crisis. A positive shot back to the net caused her to get a break point in a crucial game. At a critical juncture, the Czech improved his form and finally made it difficult to secure the serve with 5-4.


   The facts proved that this time the guarantee is invaluable, and Sinakova quickly got three match points in the next game. She wasted the first two chances, but used a fore shot on the third to seal the victory.




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