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What should the European football summer transfer window look like in 2020?


Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Manchester United, Manchester City, Juventus, a large number of giants that need to be considered for renewal in the center position, will they scramble to pay a high price for Harland? In the year of the European Cup, can a group of unknown players show up and sell at high prices? Can Neymar, who has been making a fuss about returning to Barcelona, ​​finally make it? What kind of sky-high price can be hit this time?


But this situation has basically been determined to be impossible.


In an interview with "Kicker", Bayern’s former chairman Hernes said: "Affected by this new crown epidemic, I can’t imagine that there will be a 100 million yuan transfer in the near future, and the overall transfer fee will drop. I'm down. I think in the next two to three years, the overall purchase cost of football will not be the same as before. After the epidemic, we are likely to usher in a brand new football world."


One. The old and new eras of the European transfer market


It is difficult to have an accurate statement about when the world football transfer market started to turn upside down.


According to the recent review of the German "Transfer Market" website, the world football value list since 2005, Ronaldinho, who has dominated the list for 4 consecutive years, has risen from 50 million euros to 80 million, and then Melo's double pride Times, but the two were only worth 70 million at the beginning, and gradually rose to more than 100 million later.


With Melo's ability, his net worth at the peak of his 25-year-old was just over 100 million, indicating that at least the football at the time was quite rational. The transfer fee record was 94 million euros when Ronaldo switched to Real Madrid in 2009.


In 2013, Bell switched from Bailu Alley to Bernabéu. The official transfer fee given by Real Madrid was 91 million euros. However, "Aspen" reported that the transfer amount actually reached 110 million euros, and Bell was also the first Mr. 100 million yuan. . But in order to avoid Cristiano Ronaldo feeling unbalanced, Real Madrid concealed the actual figures. Neymar joined Barcelona in the same period, the transfer fee is equally unclear, ranging from 57 million euros to 88 million to 100 million.

2013年,贝尔从百路巷转为伯纳乌。皇家马德里提供的官方转会费为9100万欧元。但是,《阿斯彭》报道说,转让金额大发体育实际上达到了1.1亿欧元,而贝尔先生也是第一个获得1亿元人民币的人。 。但是为了避免克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多感觉不平衡,皇马掩盖了实际数字。内马尔在同一时期加盟巴塞罗那,转会费同样不清楚,从5700万欧元到8800万到1亿欧元不等。

If the revelations are not true, then the advent of the era of Mr. billion in football will be postponed for three years. In 2016, Pogba, who had been in trouble all summer, finally returned to Old Trafford, with a transfer fee of 105 million euros. But Pogba’s transfer fee is only 94.5 million pounds in British pounds, not more than 100 million pounds.

如果这些启示不正确,那么足球十亿先生时代的来临将被推迟三年。 2016年,整个夏天都陷入困境的Pogba最终以1.05亿欧元的转会费回到了老特拉福德。但是波格巴的转会费仅为9450万英镑,不超过1亿英镑。

The summer of 2017 was the craziest summer in transfer history. Neymar's switch to Paris has become an absolute Mr. 100 million yuan in terms of both the British pound and the euro. This transaction has also completely changed the trading model of European football. The value of more than 100 million yuan and the liquidated damages forcibly lead people to become Routine operation. In the same summer, there were 125 million Euros of Dembele, 160 million Coutinho in 2018, and 180 million Mbappe for rental fees.


The summer of 2019 is another crazy transfer window in European football. In the top three of La Liga alone, each has a 100 million yuan gentleman, namely Hazard (100 million euros) and Griezmann (120 million euros) , Felix (126 million euros). In addition, there are many high-priced transfers such as De Ligt (85 million euros) and Maguire (87 million euros). Some of them are central defenders and some are less than 20 years old. New star.

2019年夏天是欧洲足球的另一个疯狂转会窗口。仅在西甲的前三名中,每个人就拥有一个亿元人民币的绅士,分别是哈扎德(Hazard)(1亿欧元)和格里兹曼(Griezmann)(1.2亿欧元),费利克斯(Felix)(1.26亿欧元)。此外,还有许多高价转会交易,例如De Ligt大发体育官网(8,500万欧元)和Maguire(8,700万欧元)。他们中有些是中央后卫,有些则不到20岁。新星。

In this way, Neymar is truly opening the billion-dollar era of the transfer market. After Bell’s transfer, it took nearly three years for the next 100 million yuan transfer to appear, and Pogba’s transfer did not cause much chain reaction, nor did it completely change the transfer market. game rules.


two. The Super League also has a highlight


Although China is a considerable distance from the center of world football in terms of geographical location and competitive level, Chinese football still plays an important role in the transfer market.


The domestic transfer market is out of balance, a little earlier than European football. Before 2016, when domestic teams bought foreign aid, the first criterion was that strength is greater than fame. The South American Trident, which Evergrande won the AFC Champions League for the first time that year, was 8.7 million euros for Konka, 2.4 million euros for Muric, and 5.7 million euros for Exxon. Although they are all expensive in Asia, they have not yet risen to world-class standards.

国内转会市场失衡,比欧洲足球要早一些。 2016年之前,当国内球队购买了外国援助时,第一个标准是实力大于名望。恒大当年首次获得亚足联冠军联赛的南美三叉戟,康佳为870万欧元,穆里克为240万欧元,埃克森美孚为570万欧元。尽管它们在亚洲都很昂贵,但尚未达到世界一流的水平。

The first astronomical transfer of the Chinese Super League to "rob" European football was in February 2016 when Guangzhou Evergrande bought Jackson Martinez for 42 million euros. The curtain of the Chinese Super League arms race was then opened. Just a few days later, Jiangsu Suning bought Teixeira for 50 million euros, both of whom were prey from Liverpool and other giants. In July and December of the same year, Shanghai SIPG broke the Chinese Super League transfer fee record twice and introduced two Brazilian internationals Hulk and Oscar. In this year's world football transfer fee, Oscar can be ranked third, behind Pogba and Higuain, behind Stones, Sane, Mane and others.


It should be noted that before coming to China, Oscar has lost his main position in Chelsea. Teixeira, Hulk and Martinez are almost the same. Although they killed the Quartet in the second-tier league, the European war also had a flash, but they did not Really proved himself in the five major leagues. The Chinese Super League team has pulled a group of second-tier stars to the first line, which also has a certain impact on the increase in transfer fees in European football.

应当指出,奥斯卡来到中国之前已经失去了在切尔西的主要职位。 Teixeira,Hulk大发体育和Martinez几乎相同。尽管他们在二线联赛中杀死了四重奏,但欧洲战争也爆发了,但他们并没有在五个主要联赛中真正证明自己。中国中超球队已经将一批二线明星拉到了第一线,这也对欧洲足球转会费的增加产生了一定的影响。

3. The sky-high transfer price may be difficult to reproduce in the short term


What will the world football transfer market look like after the epidemic?


The "Transfer Market" website recently carried out a special value update of "the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic". After the update, the global value has evaporated 9.2 billion euros.


According to Zhu Yi, the administrator of the German transfer to China, considering the impact of the recent new crown pneumonia epidemic on the total amount of funds in the global football market, coupled with the impact of the football market value caused by the suspension of football matches, the value of all players was reduced by 20%. Players who were born from the beginning will only be reduced by 10%, and the value of players worth less than 300,000 euros will not be adjusted. Of course, no one can guarantee that this decline will end there.


After the decline, most of the players' worth became normal and it was naturally difficult to sell at sky-high prices. The top three currently worthy are Mbappé (180 million euros), Sterling (128 million euros) and Neymar (128 million euros). Putting this price under normal circumstances, many teams may be able to drop it, but without income for a long time, even local tyrants like Manchester City and Paris may have to weigh their own wallets.


In addition to the epidemic, the further implementation of the Fiscal Fairness Act may also be a factor that may inhibit 100 million yuan transfers.


Although the lawsuit is not over yet, Manchester City has been fined for losing the Champions League qualification for two seasons. This historically heavy penalty may make the big bosses think twice before signing the check. Even without this epidemic, I believe that UEFA will also take heavy measures to rectify money burning.


In addition, after the epidemic is under control and sports games can resume, all countries also need sports box offices to stimulate economic recovery. Then, with big-name stars as a box office guarantee, clubs will certainly not let them go easily. In addition, the Super League is also facing salary cuts and other measures, and the gold rush to leave Europe is also closed.


Under various influences, in a short period of time, transfers at the level of 100 million yuan may be difficult to reproduce, and the transfer market may also usher in new rules of the game.


There are not many exchanges in football. Sanchez and Mkhitaryan are the more well-known ones. In the transaction between Ibrahimovic and Eto'o, Inter Milan also added 35 million euros, so this is not strictly a direct exchange. change.


Swap in the NBA is a very common way of trading. The biggest difference between football and the NBA is that the NBA strictly exchanges contracts. Players change from team A to team B. The contract treatment is still based on the signing of the A team. So as long as the two bosses reach an agreement, the players may not know, and the deal can be finalized. In football, even if the players of the team have reached an agreement, the number of years, wages, portrait rights, etc. will all have to be overthrown, which is also a considerable resistance.


Although Paratic is very optimistic about swaps, he himself should be well aware of the difficulties. He has tried swaps with Barcelona and Milan this season, but they failed.


For rich teams, it is more difficult to directly improve combat effectiveness through exchanges; and for those small and medium-sized teams that are known for cultivating monsters, they certainly hope to get funds to maintain club operations. Therefore, if swap transactions want to become the mainstream of the market, the possibility is not too great. In addition to transactions of 100 million yuan level, it is difficult to reappear, and even the activity of the transfer market will also decline. Keeping the players on hand and playing steadily to realize the value is the most appropriate way for the club to survive.


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