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【大发体育】为啥芒特风评一般?神灯南门偏爱不无道理 他的能量远超你我想象

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文/The Athletic

\ /运动

Author/Simon Johnson

作者/西蒙·约翰逊(Simon Johnson)

Translation / far wind


Can someone give a reasonable explanation for why they hate Mount so much?


There are many reasons why a player is not seen by the public: it may be because they are too arrogant in interviews, they always tackle maliciously on the court, or they misbehave in their private lives... But these problems are all in Mount. Not found. So, what did he make wrong? Lampard and Southgate both gave him too many opportunities to play.


The 21-year-old's name has been frequently searched on Twitter recently, but when you check the reason, a series of negative and abusive comments will appear on the screen. Seriously, all this is so strange. Right or wrong, many people will explain that "social media is like this". In this sport, all professional players are plagued by malicious reports from time to time. However, the strong resistance to Mount is particularly surprising.


In the era of Abramovich, the Blues fans have been calling for more opportunities for youth players. Lampard gave young players a stable playing time last season, of which Mount has the most appearances, with a total of 53 times.


Lampard's support against Mount continued until this season. The Chelsea coach made Mount start and played the first five games of the Blues this season, but in the last round of the Premier League game against Crystal Palace, he was placed on the bench. On the table.


But with Chelsea fans all over the world, Mount's continued starting did not receive a warm response. Last month, he missed a decisive penalty in the League Cup loss to Tottenham Hotspur in the penalty kick, which brought the harsh comments of this group to new heights. In their view, Mount did not appear in the lineup against Crystal Palace, which is really something to celebrate.

但是在全世界的切尔西球迷中,Mount的继续首发并没有得到热情的回应。上个月,他在点球大战中输给托特纳姆热刺队的联赛杯决赛中错过了决定性的点球,这使该小组的严厉评论达到了新的高度。他们认为,Mount没有出现在对阵Crystal Palace的比赛中,这确实值得庆祝。

The interval between international competitions did not provide Mount with a respite. In the England team game, he successfully became a new attack target. He is the number one public enemy, especially for Aston Villa fans, because Southgate ranks his appearance sequence ahead of Grilish.


In the 3-0 victory over the weakened version of Wales, Villa’s organizational core left a deep impression. Many people hope that he can continue to play a role in Sunday's UEFA European League match against Belgium, but when Grilish Sitting on the bench and Mount appeared in the starting lineup, people were angry.


Regardless of whether Mount is a conservative option, it seems that he should be able to avoid the attention of haters, because he is actually on the right side, and when it comes to Wales, it is Ince who is on the right side-in fact, replacing the grid. On the left side of Rilish is Manchester United player Rashford.

不管芒特是否保守,他似乎都应该能够避免对仇恨者的关注,因为他实际上是在右边,而谈到威尔士,正是因斯在右边上事实上,更换网格。 Rilish的左侧是曼联球员Rashford。

Mount scored the winning goal and helped the team beat a strong opponent. Although his goal was refracted by the defender before it flew into the net, his performance did not stop a certain national TV station from inviting fans to call in response to its voice. , The host said this: "I would rather England can't win the World Cup, but also want to enjoy Grilish's wonderful performance on the wing. I don't want to see Mount who only knows to complete the press."


Southgate's continued use of Mount as a starter against Denmark on Wednesday night will inevitably bring more negative comments to the Chelsea star.


There are always different opinions in football, arguing why you think this player's appearance sequence should be ranked before the other player. There is nothing wrong with that, but there must be room for us to have this little opinion, right? Moreover, Mount is really not a bad boy.


In the face of all the questioning remarks against him, we should ask a suitable question, but no one seems to want to explore the answer to this question:


Well, maybe you think he is not as good as Grilish in England and not as good as Kovacic or Ziyech in Chelsea, but that does not mean that he is not a good player. Lampard and Nanmen have both played side by side with superb teammates in high-level games, so they know what they need.


When communicating with people from the Chelsea club and even the national team, one will always hear them praise Mount for his attitude, initiative and efficiency. Of course, he also has extraordinary talents and a desire to improve himself.


It is understood that in the physical fitness test conducted within the Chelsea team, he and midfielder Kante are among the best players in the team. As a club insider said: "One of the reasons Lampard likes Mount is because he regards daily training as the last training session of his life. He has the ambition to be among the best players in the world. When the club signed many new players in the summer transfer window, he responded positively and made it clear that he will fight for his position."


In an interview with Sky Sports before the new season, Mount said: "Chelsea is a big club and it is normal to introduce players, so as a native England player, you must know that this kind of thing is inevitable."


"When players join the team, they help the team become stronger. You always have to have this point of view. There is always a subtle feeling that they might take your place, but for me, I will always maintain a positive attitude to meet the upcoming challenges."


"The head coach attaches great importance to training and has extremely high standards, so when we enter the game, we are all ready. I like to compete with my teammates."


He naturally knows that the salaries of many new players are much higher than him. According to Chelsea club insiders, Mount, who just signed a five-year contract in July 2019, is one of the lowest paid players in the Chelsea team. However, he did not sulk secretly, nor asked to meet with the club's top leaders to negotiate a salary increase.


Mount clearly won Lampard's trust. And the data of 9 goals and 8 assists sent in 58 games is also strong enough, which means that he can produce 1 goal for Chelsea almost every 3 games. This obviously helps him gain a foothold in the team.

芒特显然赢得了兰帕德的信任。 58场比赛中9球和8助攻的数据也足够强大,这意味着他几乎每3场比赛就能为切尔西贡献1个进球。显然,这有助于他在团队中站稳脚跟。

But he always puts the interests of the team first. Mount's best position is the 8th position. When playing this position, he can sit in the middle, review the progress of the frontcourt, and create threats in the opponent's hinterland. When he helped Chelsea to tie West Brom behind 0-3 last month, it was this position. He scored a long shot from 25 yards and scored the team's first goal, sounding the horn of counterattack.

但是他总是把团队的利益放在首位。 Mount的最佳位置是第8位。担任此职位时,他可以坐在中间,查看前场的进度,并在对手的腹地造成威胁。上个月他帮助切尔西将西布朗以0-3的比分追平时,就是这个位置。他从25码处得分远射,打进了球队的第一个进球,这听起来像是反击之角。

However, there are not many opportunities for him to take the 8th position. In fact, Mount has become accustomed to being placed in various positions, some of which cannot give full play to his creative talents. For example, last season’s home game against Bayern in the Champions League and the away game against Liverpool in September, Lampard let him play the right wing-this adjustment seems to be designed for this midfielder, because he can actively press forward. To help defense.


Southgate also chose to do the same for England against Belgium last weekend. Mount provided more protection for fullback teammate Alexander Arnold, but exhausted all his energy to catch up with his opponent, and England’s cautious tactical play meant that when the ball was really passed to his feet, he had little Contribute, especially in the first half. If Grilish is transferred from the left wing to the right wing in this game, will he be disciplined for the benefit of the team and control his performance in the game?

上周末,索斯盖特还选择了对英格兰对比利时的同样做法。芒特为后卫队友亚历山大·阿诺德(Alexander Arnold)提供了更多的保护,但他用尽了所有精力追赶对手,英格兰的谨慎战术打法意味着当球传到他的脚上时,他的贡献很小,尤其是在上半场。如果格里利什在这场比赛中从左翼转移到右翼,他会为球队的利益而受到训练并控制他在比赛中的表现吗?

As you can imagine, Southgate had obviously asked himself this question, and he didn't think Grilish would do that.


In an interview with local media after the game, Nanmen said: "In a game with strong tactical elements, the forward's performance on the defensive end is as important as the offensive end. Having a player like him (Mount) can handle the left and right wings... Just like Rashford and Calvert Lewin. I read a lot about Mason (Mount) and I think everyone underestimates his ability, but we won’t be like that.”

比赛结束后,南门在接受当地媒体采访时说:“在战术元素很强的比赛中,前锋在防守端的表现与进攻端同样重要。像他这样的球员(坐骑)可以左右右翼……就像拉什福德(Rashford)和卡尔弗特·莱温(Calvert Lewin)一样。我读了很多有关梅森(Mount)的文章,我认为每个人都低估了他的能力,但我们不会那样。

Southgate's appreciation of Mount is nothing new. Mount first attracted the attention of Suo Shuai when he served as England U21 coach. They talked a few times in St. George's Park. After Southgate was promoted to England coach, the communication between the two remained uninterrupted. Mount helped the England National Youth Team to win the European Cup under 19 in 2017. His performance has not been ignored and he was even named the best player in the European Youth Championship.


Sources from the England team said that as early as the 2017-18 season, when Mount was loaned to the Dutch League team Waiters by Chelsea, they also exchanged views. Before England set off for the World Cup in Russia, Mount had the opportunity to train with the Three Lions for a week. During the World Cup, Mount, Foden and Sessegnon also traveled to Russia with the team sponsor Nike staff, where he witnessed how England and Southgate prepare for the game.


In October 2018, even though he was still playing for the British championship team Derby County, Mount was called up by the adult national team for the first time to prepare for the UEFA Europa League against Spain and Croatia. So Southgate clearly regarded Mount as The future leader of the Three Lions. This was not a sudden decision, nor should it be regarded as an insult to other players.


Of course, whether in the club or in the national team, Mount still has a lot of room for improvement, but he just ushered in his second season in the top league in England, so this is understandable. He has huge potential.


In the early stages of his career, Lampard was also widely criticized when he played for West Ham. His uncle Harry Redknapp is the team's coach, and his father is an assistant coach. He is often considered to be a cronyism on the coaching team to get a chance to play. To help Mount, there is no more suitable candidate than Lampard, because he has experienced similar things at Chelsea and England.

在他职业生涯的早期,兰帕德在为西汉姆效力时也遭到广泛批评。他的叔叔哈里·雷德克纳普(Harry Redknapp)是车队的教练,他的父亲是助理教练。人们通常认为他是教练组里有机会参加比赛的傻瓜。要帮助芒特,没有比兰帕德更合适的人选,因为他在切尔西和英格兰经历过类似的事情。

Earlier this month, Lampard said: "Mason (Mount) has a charm. He is a native England player. Although young, he is already a stable member of the first team. He is a humble child and dreams of Chelsea. Playing. What makes him special is his talent and hard work. He has been pursuing his dream."


"He is a frequent visitor to the England team because I know that Southgate absolutely respects his performance at the club. What Mason (Mount) has done is so different and he can do better in the future. This is and One of the benefits of cooperation with people with a good attitude, a stable mindset, and a higher quality."


What's wrong with Mount?


No one commented, but quiet


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