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There is no doubt that in the eyes of many people, the legendary Brazilian superstar Pele, who has won the World Cup three times as a player, is synonymous with "the best player in history." In 2000, FIFA selected Pele as the best player of the century; in 2012, the Golden Foot Award officially awarded Pele the title of "Best Player in History". Pele's record of 1283 goals in 1,366 games is still shining in the legendary palace of Guinness World Records, unmatched.

毫无疑问,在许多人眼中,传奇般的巴西超级巨星贝利曾三度获得世界杯冠军,是“历史上最佳球员”的代名词。 2000年,国际足联选择贝利(Pele)作为本世纪最佳球员; 2012年,金脚奖正式授予贝利“历史最佳球员”的称号。贝勒在1,366场比赛中1283个进球的记录仍然在吉尼斯世界纪录的传奇宫殿中闪耀,无与伦比。

Even for most football superstars, Pele is another dimension. As French star Platini said--


Well, for most professional football players, even if they can be dubbed "The Next Pele", "New Pele", "Little Pele", etc., it is also for their huge potential or existing strength. sure. However, after so many years, except for a very small number of players who can approach or reach Bayern in a certain aspect (such as Messi’s goals, Beckenbauer and Zagallo’s players plus coach’s World Cup champions). In addition to Pele’s achievements, most of the players known as "Pele’s successors" eventually became meteors that could not match Pele’s status as the number one player in football.


Therefore, the person who is about to appear here, the US President Trump, is particularly strange. As a political magnate with global influence, he himself has never been a professional athlete, or even a favorite object of sports stars. , But he has a surprising nickname-"Pele". Yes, it refers to the Pele of Brazil's Pele. Moreover, Trump's nickname is really related to his own "playing" behavior.

因此,即将出现在这里的人,美国总统特朗普,特别奇怪。作为具有全球影响力的政治大亨,他本人从未成为职业运动员,甚至从未受到体育明星的青睐。 ,但是他有一个令人惊讶的绰号-“贝利”。是的,它是指巴西贝利的贝利。此外,特朗普的绰号确实与他自己的“玩耍”行为有关。

what on earth is this kind of happenings? Could it be due to Bailey's recognition of Trump's ability in sports or governance? Next, let's explore together.


Trump and Pele obviously have no strong personal relationships. This can be seen when he met Brazilian President Jal Bolsonaro, known as the "Trump of Brazil", at the White House in March 2019. come out.

特朗普和贝利显然没有牢固的人际关系。当他于2019年3月在白宫会见巴西总统贾尔·博尔索纳罗(Jal Bolsonaro)时就可以看出这一点。

At that time, the two were giving each other the jerseys of their respective national teams. The Brazilian President handed Trump the number 10 jersey, which was the national team number worn by the football king Pele when he won the World Cup. Trump praised: "Brazil is one of the greatest countries in world football. You have many great players. I can still remember Pele and many other players. You have a great football history."


I can still remember that there is such a person, which is probably the best illustration of the alienated relationship between Trump and Bailey. However, the strongest "space contact" between the two of them should have occurred in 2016.


At that time, Zika virus ravaged most of the Americas, and the United States was also terrified, and Brazil was the worst-hit area of ​​this virus. Trump, who has not yet become the president, was shocking. He was able to "observe" from a mistake in one of Bailey's ball-driving performances that Bailey might be infected by the Zika virus.


Other team officials also traced the year that Bailey may be infected back to 1970. Bailey's struggle against the British goalkeeper Banks became their "proof of solving the case." Virology experts on the Trump campaign even claimed that


Another reason for imposing a "ban" on Bailey is even more shocking. Trump believes that "


After giving such grounds as shameless, anti-football, and suspected of racial discrimination, Trump proposed to ban many members of the 1970 World Cup champions including Pele, Giardinho and Rivelino from entering the United States. To prevent the spread of Zika virus.


When the political situation in other countries is turbulent and the epidemic is raging, Bailey's inner evaluation of Trump can be imagined.


In fact, Trump's words and deeds that discriminate against black athletes have always been criticized by the world.


All in all, for many sports stars, including the United States, especially black stars, Trump is an extremely unpleasant existence. Although we can't see Pele talking about Trump's remarks in public, it is conceivable that it is undoubtedly a fantasy that people like Trump want Pele's approval or recognition.


Therefore, the origin of Trump's nickname can be determined to have nothing to do with Bailey's own attitude.


Not only for Trump, but Pele, the king of the ball, was not cold about the title of "Pele" at first. Yes, "Pele" is not the real name of the king, it is also a nickname for him.


Pele's original name was Edson Arantes Do Nascimento, and his family used to call it "Dico". The origin of Pele's nickname is said to be difficult for Pele himself to be 100% sure of. What he thinks is more reliable is that this nickname comes from Bilé, a goalkeeper teammate who had a poor relationship with his father.

贝利(Pele)的原名是Edson Arantes Do Nascimento,他的家人以前将其称为“ Dico”。据说,贝利本人很难百分百地确定贝利的昵称。他认为更可靠的是,这个绰号来自与父亲关系不良的守门员队友比利(Bilé)。

Billy is not the real name of the goalkeeper, his real name is Jose Lino. Until the age of two, Joselito could not speak. His widowed mother was anxious, so he organized a ceremony of witch doctors on the night of the full moon. The witch doctors shouted "Bili-bilu-tetéia". Around the practice of José chanting. These rituals lasted for a few weeks, and one day, a miracle happened-Joselito finally spoke, and the first word that popped out of his mouth was "Bile". The family was very happy, and the nickname Bilai has since become synonymous with Joselito.


Twenty years later, Bailey's father took him three or four years old to participate in the team's training class. At that time, Pele saw Bilai's brave performance by throwing left and right blocks. He had a good impression of him and dreamed of becoming a goalkeeper like Bilai. However, because Pele was too young, he pronounced "Pilé" as "Pilé".


After the family moved to Bauru, Pele still failed to pronounce "Bile" correctly due to accent problems. This time he pronounced "Pile" as "Pele". One day, a kid from the same school laughed at Pele's inaccurate foreign accent and started calling him "Pele". It is said that Pele was also suspended from school for beating a classmate who called him "Pele".

一家人搬到鲍鲁后,贝利由于口音问题仍未能正确发音“胆”。这次他将“ Pile”发音为“ Pele”。一天,同一所学校的一个孩子嘲笑贝利不正确的外国口音,开始称他为“贝利”。据说贝利还因为殴打一个叫他“贝​​利”的同学而被停学。

Unfortunately, the more he complained, the more popular the nickname "Pele" became, which later became synonymous with the deity of a generation of football kings.


Closer to home, the small circle who initially called Trump "Pele" came from golf caddies. This is not to say how many super kicking skills Trump has shown these caddies, but these caddies have seen with their own eyes Trump kicking golf balls that should have stayed in the same position again and again, and they have played even more. Easy to hit the ball position.


Because of too many times, and because only Trump dared to “play golf” publicly before and after others, the caddies connected him with the generation of Pele. Yes, if Bailey himself was called Bailey because his accent had to convey the wrong message, Trump was called Bailey purely because he ignored the rules of "kicking" on the golf course. behavior.


The following real bridge described by Caddy Bill Rayburn can basically reflect Trump’s "Pele" side on the golf course——

球童比尔·雷伯恩(Bill Rayburn)所描述的以下真实桥梁基本上可以反映出高尔夫球场上特朗普的“贝利”一面:

"I used to be a caddy for him in a celebrity event. Even with the public gallery, the marshal and me standing there, he still played in this round.


He will kick the ball away from the side of the tree stump to improve his course; put his club on the sand to hook the ball, and repeatedly kick the ball on the green to adjust the course. All sorts of behaviors are to make yourself closer to the trophy...Finally, on the 18th hole, Trump scored a nominal 74.


If all cheating is included, his score is easily close to 90. Then he gave me a $10 tip. "

如果包括所有作弊,他的分数很容易接近90。然后他给了我10美元的小费。 ”

On another occasion, Trump played with Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson (the number one in the world at the time), and Brad Faxon. The memory of Trump's Faxon is still fresh: Before that hole, Donald hit the ground first when he tried to hit the ball and got the ball into the water. But he quickly said to me:'Hey, throw me another ball, they can't see it now.' Yes, I handed him another ball. But he hit the ball again, and the second ball was hit in the water. So, he drove the golf cart to the place where he should have stopped the first time, and simply came directly Hit the ball on the grass."


According to Faxon, even if he didn't count twice falling into the water and he had missed three strokes, Trump still did not put the ball into the hole in the final putt. Faxon said: “It’s really fun to play with him. He moves the ball before every putt (as if it’s really allowed by the opponent), but you want him to do that so that after the game Some talked to others."

根据Faxon的说法,即使他不算两次掉入水中并且错过了三杆,特朗普仍然没有将球放入最后一个推杆的洞中。 Faxon说:“和他一起玩真的很有趣。他在每次推杆之前都将球移动(好像对手确实允许的那样),但是您希望他这样做,以便比赛结束后有人与他人交谈。”

At the golf club Trump often goes to, whenever people mention him, they always ask: "So, did he move the ball again?"


"Except for the tee, every shot will be like this." This is the usual answer.


As spectators, caddies have become accustomed to watching Trump kick various poorly positioned balls back to the fairway, and then continue to play without changing their faces. Over time, the nickname of "Golf Pele" has become more and more popular in the circle, and even people who don't know can really mistakenly believe that Trump and "good footwork" have a little bit of a relationship.


Therefore, we can draw a conclusion responsibly: Trump is called "Pele" really not because of his good footwork, but because of various cheating that ignores the rules of golf, and kicking golf with his feet is just one of them.


How crazy is Trump's cheating on the court?


Data from interviews with sports writer Rick Reilly show that 90% of people said he cheated publicly. Many of them said that because of cheating, they never played with Trump again.

来自体育作家里克·赖利(Rick Reilly)的采访数据显示,有90%的人说他公开作弊。他们中的许多人说,由于作弊,他们再也没有和特朗普一起玩了。

So, why does Trump have to cheat?


The words of Brian Marshall, co-founder of Omai, can give us a glimpse of-

Omai联合创始人Brian Marshall的话可以让我们瞥见-

"It was a Saturday morning game. We walked to the first tee and he could not perform better. Then he said:'Did you see those two people? They cheated. Did you see me? Me? Cheating too. So I hope you cheat too, because we are going to beat those two guys today'... So yes, it’s true, he’s going to cheat you. But I think, deep in Donald’s heart, he believes You will deceive him too. So


"He needs to be the best in everything. He can't bear to have no victory and not be the best. This must have started early in his growth. For him, as long as it is not the best, Like scratching a blackboard with a fingernail, he can't stand it... He will exaggerate his golf performance and handicap just like exaggerating everything."


"He had to do this. He showed all the characteristics of a narcissistic personality disorder. People with his disorder have no conscience about it. He has no sense of morality for things, and he lacks compassion for others. He is very sick. He doesn’t understand that other people also have rights and feelings, and that other people are not important to him at all."


However, Trump himself has always said in public that he did not cheat on the court. "I never touch the ball (with my body)," Trump said.


In any case, Trump himself does have strong athleticism. When he was a student, whether it was baseball, football, or basketball, he was a good player. He even played football on the school team of the New York Military Academy.


When talking about his athletic ability, his high school classmate Ted LaVine said: "Can he play football? Can he play football? He can do whatever he wants. He is physically and intellectually. Very talented."

在谈到他的运动能力时,他的高中同学特德·拉文(Ted LaVine)说:“他会踢足球大发体育吗?他会踢足球吗?他可以做任何他想做的事。他的身体和智力都非常出色。”

It may be a mistake. Trump, who was considered to be very athletic at the time, gained himself a reputation as a "Pele" through his "kicking" behavior on the golf course. We don't know what Bailey would think if he knew these things.


Speaking of nicknames, Bailey once said: "'Bailey' is a child of God, and God gave him to Edson-Arantes-Do-Nascimento, and then he won praise and praise from all over the world. Respect."


Bailey is not playing football, he is flying between heaven and earth,


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